Why You Will Probably Always Suck at Internet Marketing

Shiny Object SyndromeYup I said it….my guess is you suck at Internet Marketing and probably always will.

There is a very simple reason for this and while it is possible to fix it may be tough…depending on your personality and traits.

Are you ready for the reason you suck? You may have an idea what I’m about to say or maybe this will be the revelation you need to make things happen. You suck at Internet Marketing because:


Many people call it ‘Shiny Object Syndrome‘. The ability to buy every new e-book or video course that comes out and try the newest methods that will make you $769 a day on autopilot. You try something once and when it doesn’t work you move onto the next thing, spending time and money on things that will never make you successful and build a real business.

I’m guilty of it and this post is a bit of a therapy session. I did pretty well back in the day building niche sites and doing some automated SEO trickery to rank and bank quickly. But all of this came crashing down when Google got smarter and I did not see it quick enough or react properly.

This was not a long term sustainable business model and I probably got what I deserved. This was a quick ‘method’ that was bound to fail at some point because I was exploiting loopholes.

So what is the lesson here and how can you not suck at this life changing opportunity that is before all of us?


There are tons of ways to make money online (evident by the crap ton of new internet marketing courses and software that are pumped out everyday). Your job is to do some due diligence on what you:

A. Have an Interest In


B. Are Good At


C. Is a Sustainable Business Model

What do I mean when I say these things? You WILL have to try different methods to see if you can see yourself doing it long term and if you have the skills and tools necessary to do it FOR A LONG TIME until you start having success and seeing results. You must pick something that will build over time and snowball into a job quitting endeavor. Check this out…


If you try something over and over again you will get better at it. Think of it as ‘practice’. Are we talking about Practice?

So when you try different things you will figure out quickly if you enjoy it and have natural skills. Natural skills will help you a lot, especially for creative tasks. Some examples:

  • Web design skills (building sites and landing pages)
  • Programming skills (creating software, plugins, etc)
  • Graphic design skills (building banner ads, graphics for websites, landing pages)
  • Copywriting skills (writing sales pages, ads, increasing conversions)

What if you have ZERO creative or technical skills? It is possible to outsource everything but it will be tough in the beginning because until you find what works you may have to sink a lot of money into the method you are trying. To be successful at Internet Marketing you have to find that perfect combination of the right traffic and the right offer that converts. When you find that magic combination it may be possible to outsource your processes to scale your earnings quickly, but not until.

But not only do you have to be able to ‘DO’ it you need to like it. Trust me on this one…even if you find something that makes you a bunch of money and you hate it you won’t be happy.

So what are the best online business ideas that you can try that are legit? Check out my post on the top money making methods here.

If you want the quick list here it is:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Creation
  • E-commerce
  • Blogging
  • Providing a Service

Once you find that path that works for you go ALL in. Live it. Master It. Stop chasing the quick money and start building a customer list. Become an expert and dominate your competitors in whatever niche you are in.

One of the greatest secrets to Internet Marketing is there is not one. You have to put the blood, sweat, and tears in, do the work and TEST things out. Some of my most successful Internet Marketing campaigns are the ones that went against what the ‘gurus’ said worked. You have to try stuff and while you will FAIL alot…the winners will be incredible and probably life changing financially and emotionally.

Methods come and go but if you make the decision to start building a business TODAY you will succeed over time. GO FOR IT.

So where are you at in the game? I’d like to hear about your successes AND struggles…



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