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Marketing AcronymsAs an online marketer we are often bombarded with acronyms for different software, processes, and actions that take place in the digital world. If you’ve been around the game for a while you may be familiar with many of these but if you are new or looking to learn more acronyms this list is for you! I have created an epic list of internet marketing acronyms that will help you understand the meanings of some of the most common things associated with digital marketing.

These terms range from general marketing definitions, to web design terms, to general web explanations, to programming, and more. Hopefully this list will help you out – make sure to bookmark it as I will update as I come across new marketing related acronyms that are useful.

AIDA – Attention/awareness, interest, desire, action

AJAX – Asynchronous Javascript and XML

API – Application program interface

AOV – Average order value

AM – Affiliate manager

AOV – Average order value

AR – Augmented reality

ASCII – American standard code for information interchange

ASP – Application service provider

ATD – Agency trading desk

B2B – Business to business

B2C – Business to consumer

BANT – Budget, authority, need, timeline

BOFU – Bottom of the funnel

BL – Backlink

BR – Bounce rate

CAC – Customer acquisition cost

CB – ClickBank

CJ – Commission Junction (affiliate network)

CLV – Customer lifetime value

CMO – Chief marketing officer

CMS – Content management system

COCA – Cost of customer acquisition

CPA – Cost per acquisition / action

CPC – Cost per click

CPCV – Cost per completed view

CPD – Cost per download

CPE – Cost per engagement

CPI – Cost per install

CPL – Cost per lead

CPM – Cost per thousand

CPS – Cost per sale

CPR – Cost per registration / Cost per ratio

CPV – Cost per view

CR – Conversion rate

CRM – Customer relationship management

CRO – Conversion rate optimization

CSE – Custom search engine / Comparison search engine

CSS – Cascading style sheets

CSV – Comma separated values

CTA – Call to action

CTOR – Click to open rate

CTR – Click-through rate

CX – Customer experience

DM – Direct mail / Direct message

DMP – Data management platform

DNS – Domain name server/system

DR – Direct response

DSP – Demand-side platform

ECPM – Effective CPM

EPC – Earnings per click

EPM – Earnings per thousand

ESP – Email service provider

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

FF – Follow Friday (#FF or #FollowFriday)

FB – Facebook

FBML – Facebook Markup Language

FHG – Free hosted gallery

FPA – Full page ad

FTP – File transfer protocol

GA – Google Analytics

GIF – Graphics interchange format

GUI – Graphical user interface

H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 – HTML header tags

HTML – HyperText Markup Language

HTTP – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

HTTPS – Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure

IBL – Inbound link

ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names

IE – Internet explorer

IM – Instant Messaging

IMG – Image

IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol

IP – Internet Protocol / Intellectual property

IPTV – Internet protocol television

ISP – Internet service provider

JPEG / JPG – Joint photographic experts group

JS – JavaScript

JV – Joint venture

KPI – Key performance indicator

LLC – Limited Liability Corporation/Company

LP – Landing page

LS – Linkshare (affiliate network)

LSI – Latent semantic indexing

LTV – Lifetime value

MOFU – Middle of the funnel

MoM – Month on month / Month over month

MLM – Multi-level marketing

MMO – Make money online

MQL – Marketing qualified lead

MT – Modified tweet

MTD – Month to Date

MVT – Multivariate testing

NDA – Non disclosure agreement

OEM – Original equipment manufacturer

OS – Operating system / open source

PDF – Portable document format

PHP – PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

POS – Point of sale

PNG – Portable network graphics

PPA – Pay per action

PPC – Pay per click

PPL – Pay per lead

PPV – Pay per view

PR – PageRank

PV – Page view

QA – Quality assurance

QR Code – Quick response code

QS – Quality score

RFI – Request for information

RFP – Request for proposal

ROI – Return on investment

RON – Run of network

ROR – Ruby on Rails

ROS – Run of site

RSS – Really Simple Syndication / Rich site summary

RT – Retweet

RTB – Real time bidding

RTD – Real time data

S2S – Server to server

SaaS – Software as a service

SAS – Shareasale (affiliate network)

SEM – Search engine marketing

SEO – Search engine optimization

SE – Search engine

SERP – Search engine results page

SID – Sub ID / Shopper ID

SLA – Service level agreement

SM – Social media

SMB – Small to medium business

SME – Small to medium enterprise

SMM – Social media marketing

SMO – Social media optimisation

SMP – Social media platform

SMS – Short message service

SOAP – Small Objects Access Protocol

SOHO – Small office/home office

SOV – Share of voice

SOW – Statement of work

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

SSP – Supply-side platform

SQL – Sales qualified lead / structured query language

SVG – Scalable vector graphics

SWOT – Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats

TLD – Top level domain

TOFU – Top of the funnel

TOS – Terms of service

TR – Trust Rank

UCD – User-centric design

UGC – User generated content

UI – User interface

UX – User experience

UGC – User-generated content

URL – Uniform resource locator

USP – Unique selling proposition

UV – Unique visitor

UX – User experience

VOD – Video on demand

VM – Viral marketing

W3C – World wide web consortium

WWW – World wide web

WOMM – Word of mouth marketing

WP – WordPress

WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get

YOY – Year on year

YTD – Year to date

XML – Extensible Markup Language

Did I miss any internet marketing acronyms? Make sure to drop me a comment below and add anything you feel is important in the online marketing world!

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