Best Free Traffic Sources

As an online marketing getting traffic to our offers that hopefully turn into conversions is just part of the equation. But traffic is one of the most important because without it we have no chance to make any money. What is the best free traffic out there and how can you tap into it to it?

Let’s take a look into some of the most popular aBest Free Traffic Sourcesnd easiest ways to get traffic pouring to your website or offers.


I mention YouTube first because of the sheer number of people on it and potential for results quickly. It is very easy to produce a video related to the topic you are promoting and get many people viewing it through keyword research and optimization. Did I mention that Google owns YouTube and it is the number one projected form of marketing for businesses moving forward? If you haven’t already go NOW, setup an account and start building a presence.

Forum Participation and Signature Links

Chances are there is a forum out there that is related to your niche. People that participate in forums are very passionate about the topic the forum is about and the perfect place to become a member and share your information. You will want to signup and become an active participant in discussions and threads that are happening. Make sure to offer valuable information and not spam with useless info. You should be able to create a signature and add a link directly to a website or the offer you are promoting. This creates backlinks for you and free traffic for your offers.

Social Media

Ahh yes let’s not forget about Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the list goes on and on. Some people still do not believe that Social Media marketing has any value and is nothing but people posting pictures of their puppies and what food they ate for dinner. Google has placed importance on ‘social signals’ in their major recent algorithm updates and for brand building and buzz there is no better form of traffic. Make sure you always post updates when you have a new post on your blog or website.

Search Engine Optimization

If you own a website or blog it is very important to create a structure to support optimized pages to help search engine rankings (specifically Google). You will want to do Keyword Research to try and go after keywords that you can easily rank for with on site optimization. Check out these free keyword rank tracker tools to get started.

Backlinks from Authority and Related Sites

Backlinks still work but the game has changed. You want to try and get backlinks from authority and related sites in your niche vs. every single low quality link you can come up with. Some examples include blog commenting (it still works if you do it right), authority directories, document sharing sites, and related blogs (direct links).

Best Free Traffic Sources to Stay Away From

While there is alot of free traffic out there it is important to understand that it is not all good for you. I personally do not recommend free traffic exchanges, automated back linking software, and anything else that unnaturally creates or inflates links and traffic to your site. Search engines will pick up on your tricks and in the long run you will be caught and your efforts will be wasted.

This overview of the best free traffic should give you an overview of how to start getting more views on your site and offers. Get started taking action and driving visitors with these methods and you will see results in no time!


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  1. Hello Steve,

    You mention all the best traffic strategies that require an invest of time. However, I would warn people to consider that less is more. Rather than spraying your links across as many sites as you can, think about becoming part of a community of a select handful of these sites and start to generate traffic that already knows likes and trust you as part of their community.


  2. Hi Steve, nice roundup of free traffic sources. I would also add traffic from document sharing sites when you convert your content into slides. All the best in your business!

  3. Steve, that is a good list of free traffic sources. I do agree with Igor that you should narrow your focus, and be consistent with your posting.

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